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  • Chiropractic Treatment for Hand and Wrist Pain
    Chiropractic Treatment for Hand and Wrist Pain Hand and wrist pain can vary from a mild annoyance to severe pain. They both perform very complex functions and movements, in addition to Read more
  • 5 Ways Positive Thinking Influences Pain
    Power of Positive Thinking Positive thinking involves an optimistic approach and attitude to challenges you face in life. Rather than of becoming negative and obsessively worrying, positive thinking will help you confront an issue with the attitude Read more
  • 9 Causes of Sciatica
    What is Sciatica? In general, sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, which travels down one or both legs from your lower back.  Causes of Sciatica 1. Spinal Stenosis: As we Read more
  • Headache Treatment - Beverly Hills Chiropractor
    Headache Causes Many headaches are caused by poor posture, muscle tightness and joint fixations. Using different tools and modalities, a skilled chiropractor should be able to treat and alleviate your headaches Read more
  • Tips to Prevent Neck Pain From Texting
    Prevent Neck Pain From Texting In this day and age, we spend hours on our phones and computers. That means our posture takes a hit, leaving our back and neck in pain. Read more
  • What to Expect At Elite Chiropractic and Wellness Center
    Chiropractic Assessment We're sure you're wondering how we can help you at the clinic. Whether it be back neck pain, back pain, or otherwise, treatment depends on your specific condition. Every patient will Read more
  • Spine Saving Tips To Live By
    Preventing Back Pain Did you know back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide? It's also one of those most common reasons for missing work and the second most Read more
  • 3 Dangers of Sitting Too Long & Tips To Counteract Them
                  3 Dangers of Sitting Too Long & Tips To Counteract Them It's not that the human body has changed much over the last few hundred Read more
  • Save Your Neck: 5 Travel Tips From a Chiropractor
    Save Your Neck: 5 Travel Tips From A Chiropractor The holiday season is filled with family, food, and a lot of traveling. That means long flights, car/bus rides, strange beds and pillows-- Read more
  • 5 Tips in Choosing a Chiropractor
    5 Tips in Choosing a Chiropractor Tip #1. This may seem obvious, but are they licensed? You may check the Board of Chiropractic Examiners to make sure their license is active and exists Read more


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been suffering from headaches for the past few years. I read somewhere that chiropractic can help with headaches. I was tired of taking medication so I gave it a shot. I use to get headaches everyday, now I get them about once a month. Thank you so much Dr. J!!"
    Jackie W.
  • "Dr J has been a godsend to me. I am a very active weekend warrior, there have been times where I could barely move my body, until I get treatment from Dr. J"
    Michael T.