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Tips to Prevent Neck Pain From Texting

Prevent Neck Pain From Texting

In this day and age, we spend hours on our phones and computers. That means our posture takes a hit, leaving our back and neck in pain. Some have coined it "Text Neck" and people don't realize that it could lead to long term, chronic pain.  

In reality, we look down at our phones and computers for hours in a day, which adds up to days worth of time in a year, putting pressure and strain on the neck and back. Surprisingly, this can also lead to tightening of the chest and lead to dysfunction in the shoulders and middle back. 

Tips To Prevent Neck Pain From Texting

1. Pull your chin and shoulders back until your head sits aligned between your shoulders and over your torso. You should feel relief of pressure in your spine and muscles in the back of your neck.

2. Make it a habit to hold your device at eye level. Do not tilt your neck when texting or typing on your computer. 

3. Incorporate exercises that will strengthen your neck and core. As it turns out, a strong abdominal core and lower back muscles will maintain a strong, supported upper body. For exercises specific to your unique condition, Elite Chiropractic and Wellness Center will be happy to evaluate you. 

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