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Save Your Neck: 5 Travel Tips From a Chiropractor

Save Your Neck: 5 Travel Tips From A Chiropractor

The holiday season is filled with family, food, and a lot of traveling. That means long flights, car/bus rides, strange beds and pillows-- it's a perfect storm for unwelcome neck and back pain. Follow these tips to prevent undue pain in order to stay mobile and healthy for all your fun holiday activities.

Tip #1. Do not fall asleep in an automobile or plane with your head torqued in any angle. Rather, keep your head neutral. 

Tip #2. A good, solid travel pillow kept around your neck during travel can do wonders. We recommend shelling out the extra bucks to get a comfortable memory foam type similar to this comfortable travel pillow on Amazon.

Tip #3. Do active neck stretches. Start with Neck rolls by slowly rotating your neck from side to side and then continue by moving your neck up and down as if you are nodding yes. Take your time and don't forget to breath.

Tip #4. Take a break. If you are driving, stop for lunch, a snack, gas, or at a rest area to move about and return blood supply to your joints. If you are on a flight, don't be shy to get up from your seat and walk up and down the aisle every couple hours. You'll likely need a bathroom break anyhow! Movement bathes joints in synovial fluid, which is a nutrient-rich lubricant that surrounds them.

Tip #5. If you are in pain before embarking a trip, go in and see your Chiropractor beforehand for assessment and potential adjustment. It will make a world of difference in your comfort while traveling. Once you return from traveling after having slept on stiff beds, soft pillows, and uncomfortable seats-- you can go in for another adjustment as you may need it.

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